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This website offers word cheat, answers, and solutions to words, puzzle, trivia, troll games and more. Offering an innovative way to search through answers using search by letters, by already discovered words, walkthroughs, and pictures with solutions. PSDArtist Words Answers offers tips for all levels and games available on Android or iOS. Get yourself unblocked on hard levels. But be careful. Don`t cheat your way through the whole game. Use this website only when you are left with no other options.


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So let us tell you a story of how this website started. It was a few years ago when a popular word game launched in our country. Needless to say, the game became so popular in no time and people started asking for help on Facebook groups even on quora, yahoo and such. We then realized that there was a reason why people were asking for help everywhere they could. 
The word game developers used Google Translate to add the words and while many of them were accurate, some of the words had different meanings. So as you were looking at a picture of a Camera, the translation was Room. 
So we realized that people needed our help in finding solutions for this word game and that`s what we did. 
We set up a website and people were really happy. 

What we encouraged people was to not use the word cheat to finish the game but rather only use it when it was really needed. 

So let`s recap what this website can help you with: 

Word Cheat
– Word Games Solutions
– Words Games Answers
– Trivia answers
– Puzzle solutions
– Troll games walk-through  

Yes, we try to update all the games and levels once they appear and try to cover as much languages as possible such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazil, German, Hungarian and many more.


If you are find any levels that don’t have the right answer, worry not ! Send us a message and we will help you with it. It’s that simple. Brain Test Level Answers with description, walkthrough, answers, solutions easily explained and simple to recreate in your game. Just follow the instructions step by step to solve that puzzle that you were struggling that got you on the verge of deleting the game. Now you don’t need to delete it ! We can help you.

The game belongs to a series that includes Brain Test 2 and the upcoming yet to be announced Brain Test 3 and we will get all the answers there once the game is released.

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