We decoded the engraved message on the second monolith discovered in Romania ! Help us take it further

What was different for this second monolith found in Romania was that it contained an engraved message

For almost a month the monoliths started appearing in remote places all over the world. Even though there has been a lot of theories, the second monolith discovered in Romania included a message written in Predator language.

In the video you can see car tyres on the sand, which indicates that it was placed there using a car.
The new monolith follows the same positioning as the ones found in other places in the world. This one was found in Romania, Constanta, Vadu Beach in a remote area.
monolit plaja Vadu
The Vadu Monolith
The engraved message on one of the sides of the monolith. https://www.ct100.ro/monolit-pe-plaja-salbatica-din-vadu-foto/With the help of our readers we managed to find out what the engraved message means. We first managed to decode the message that was written in Predator’s language and it was: RA5H35M17S58388Later we were contacted by one of our readers that indicated that the engraved decoded message was actually the coordinates of the Orion Belt. This is the coordinates written on the monolith found on Vadu Beach, Constanta: RA 5h 35m 17s dec 5° 83′ 88″.

We need astronomers help to find out with precision where the coordinates point to as the Orion Nebula, M42 Orion Constellation is actually a bit close to it having the coordinates of:RA 05h 35m 17s, dec. -05° 23′ 28″

M42 is the brightest nebula in the night sky and the only one that can be seen with the naked eye. With a casual glance below the three belt stars of Orion in a dark, light-pollution free sky, you’ll see this emission nebula as a small misty smudge. A pair of binoculars will begin to reveal its curving shape. With a small telescope, you will start to see some structure. In the heart of the Orion Nebula are four stars. These are part of the Trapezium open cluster, named because of the shape the four stars form. It’s the radiation from these stars that is energizing the entire nebula and causing it to glow.


Article translated from Romanian : The first monolith that contains a clue