Aliexpress Mistery Stamp

Aliexpress Mystery Stamp – How to collect the stamp

Aliexpress Mistery Stamp
How to discover the mystery stamp on Aliexpress 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival of 2020 is coming back again on November 11. This year there has been a massive pre launch with small events and games that began on 28 Octomber.
Each game and competition allows you to win coins, vouchers, discounts and games that can slash the price of an Iphone 12 to 0.1$.

You can Play “Collect for Coins”, “Shake for coins”, “Flip for Freebies” and much more.
With discounts up to 70% off, you can shop for millions of items at low prices. To get further discounts you can play exciting mobile-only games that you can find in Gameland to play Energy Lab, access the super price of up to one million dollars. To save money start adding items to your cart and checkout on 11.11.


Starting Oct 31 – Nov 3 you will be able to access Match for Coins and you can find bestselling items at amazing prices.

November 4 – November 7 If you add products to your cart you win coins. You will also be able to access your favourite categories in themed pages.

November 8 – November 10 You can buy high value coupons at low prices. It is also the last period where you can exchange your coins into coupons.


Along all these there are a number of 30 Stamps that will help you win a share of 1.000.000 $ .
Some are Profile stamps and some are 11.11 Specials. To collect them you need to perform different tasks like access the gameland,the energy lab and so on.


Now the reason you reached this website is how to discover the Mistery Stamp on Aliexpress 11.11 Global Shopping Festival.
As it is said it is a mystery stamp and we have yet to discover how to collect it. But be assured that this will be the first place you will find out about how to obtain it.

Aliexpress Mistery Stamp
How to discover the mistery stamp on aliexpress