Create a donuts box with donuts.


My name is Chris. I love graphics and art. I became interested in Adobe Photoshop since 2003 when as a child I used to create my own signatures for gaming forums and such, yet things have evolved a lot in time and I still use Photoshop today. I have been working as a Graphic Editor for a local magazine, webdesigner for various companies and in present I am a freelancer and owner of PSDartist and involved in various projects.

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25 Responses

  1. John says:

    Wow ! Nice i will use this for my donut shop, hope you won’t mind. It’s just brilliant ! Thank you very much !

  2. Amr Boghdady says:

    Definitely loving the end-result!
    Great tutorial Chris, thanks!

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks ! Also stay tunned for a lot of new tutorials and free downloads.

  4. Livia says:

    Wow, great tutorial! Thank you!

  5. Kevin Mate says:

    Good tutorial!

  6. Kevin Coppock says:


  7. EvyeJohnes says:

    Love those cuuuuuuuute donuts!

  8. Rikosto says:

    I like those detailed steps with images and steps in image. GOod tutorial, not a perfect outcome yet good.

  9. James Flegmatic says:

    This is an awesome tutorial of what I care.

  10. Baker23 says:

    I like how this tutorial explains.

  11. Magliacane says:

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial, love to read it. I like this site too much. Good theme ;) .

  12. Jeresmuck says:

    Great tutorial.

  13. Pozy Conowanie says:

    Thanks for writing this tutorial

  14. wheef_johnes says:

    Nice tutorial.

  15. Krizzante says:

    Thanks for sharing ..

  16. Waletzko says:

    Good tutorial thanks for sharing.

  17. Atadofser201 says:

    Thanks for this good tutorial.

  18. Gordon_deluxe says:


  19. Jewell20 says:

    Cool tut.

  20. Harris_Slasher says:

    Really helpful tutorial.

  21. Asphalt says:

    Long tutorial but good tehnique.

  22. Ninja-Graphics says:

    I would like to thank you for this good tutorial, I got stucked at a time yet I managed to finish the box and donuts. I want to show you the result of my work.

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